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Standing out online a must for originators

As consumers head online first to decide who to do business with, content marketing has become crucial for mortgage originators wishing to make a good first, and lasting, impression. 

This week Paydayloans247 talks to Scott Schang of Broadview Mortgage who maintains earning trust by empowering consumers is the best way to stand out online.

Video transcript below:

Reporter:  As consumers head online first to help decide who to do business with, contact marketing has become crucial for mortgage originators wishing to make a good first and lasting impression.  Scott Schang, Branch Manager, Broadview Mortgage says earning trust through empowering consumers is the way to stand out online.  

Scott Schang, Branch Manager, Broadview Mortgage
Scott Schang:
 You have to have an online presence because your clients or any of your business partners, anybody you deal with they are going to Google you.  They are absolutely going to look you up.  So it’s important that you have an environment that you can control, so that you can portray the type of image that you want.  It doesn’t mean you have to write all the time, but I think you at least have to be conscious of putting up some sort of online presence, I think that’s absolutely essential.  You know with the collapse of the mortgage industry, the one thing that came out of that, that came screaming out is that the industry is not trusted by consumers anymore and they will do absolutely anything to avoid having to actually come face to face or in local contact with a lender because they are all sleazy sales people that are going to try to trick them into losing their homes.

I probably learnt the most by going outside of our industry and seeing how other companies do customer service or use online marketing and use the tools, but I mean most importantly understand that online is a medium and a tool set, it’s not a marketing plan.  You have to have a marketing solution, you have to have a value proposition, you have to know who are your target consumers, you have to know what message that consumer is looking for and then the tools only allow you to augment and amplify that effort.

Reporter:  To create a successful online presence, Schang cautions mortgage professionals to focus their online marketing on the consumer, rather than themselves.

Scott Schang:  So the biggest mistake that I think people make is, is they make it about them and they are promoting themselves and they are advertising themselves and that’s not the way consumers look online.  Consumers go online specifically to not, just trust me they know a lender, they just don’t want to talk to him.  So it’s not hard to find somebody or walk into an office and speak to a sales person.   They go online because they don’t want to talk to somebody who won’t answer their questions.

One of the other mistakes I think is, is not putting their personality into it, it is just making it just super bland and using canned things because there is, really the internet, I mean you look at all the crazy stuff like Psy and the Gangnam style and oh the Charlie bit my finger and [oh El cat], it’s the craziest stuff they get spread and if there is one thing you can learn from the internet, is it allows you to amplify individuality.


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