Age: 34 
Years in the industry: 4

After working for a large lender in Detroit for six months, Matt Demorest started his own business on a $2,500 budget, and managed to close more than 100 loans in his first full year in business. He now works with two part-time employees and one commission loan officer, and is looking to expand his processing and operational teams so he can devote more time to get to know his clients. “Matt is an incredible lender who has continued to explode his business,” says one industry peer.

Demorest puts emphasis on rigor and honesty in his work: “I take pre-approvals very seriously, and I am very proud of that,” he says. “If the loan is a bad idea, we tell [the client]”.
Company Information
  • Company HomeSure Lending
  • Head Office 2723 S. State Street #150 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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