Product manager
Age: 34 
Years in the industry: 4

Brian Maryo is a product manager for National MI, where he specializes in detailed and complex enterprise system space design. He joined National MI in 2012 and was tasked with assessing the granular needs of every aspect of the company to help create a ground-up system – the Advanced Exchange and Information System, or AXIS – that would satisfy the requirements of policy servicing, accounting, reporting and management. Working with teams of analysts, engineers and developers, Maryo managed the creation of the new mortgage insurance policy servicing and accounting system.

“Brian builds and fosters productive, mutually beneficial relationships to solve problems and achieve common goals,” says Maryo’s boss, VP of e-business and software development Eric Low. “He promotes, supports and influences a culture of respect and civility among team members, and he is highly collaborative.”
Company Information
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