Windmills, wisdom and winning

by New American Funding10 Jul 2018

 “Tell me what company you keep, and I’ll tell you what you are.” That profound insight dates to Miguel de Cervantes, the 16th Century author of Don Quixote, but the power and accuracy of that statement may be even more relevant today.

As a loan originator, ask yourself what company are you keeping you today. The answer is important because you know that your network often closely correlates to your net worth. More specifically, are you working with motivated real estate partners, who, like yourself, aspire to take their business to that next level?

If that answer is no, or your answer is only a lukewarm affirmation of your current partner network, then you should consider Agent Intelligence from New American Funding. Agent Intelligence is a feature on the company’s smart platform known as . In effect, New American Funding loan originators are using it to confirm and strengthen their current productive relationships and to replace those relationships that are no longer beneficial. 

Maximizing Agent Intelligence
To help them identify the ideal real estate partners they’re seeking, goes well beyond just listing names. With a couple of clicks, New American Funding loan originators can view actual production numbers, based on units and dollar volume. Looking deeper into the numbers, they can see the types of property sold, how they were financed and whether they were buy-side or sell-side transactions or if the agents double-ended them (representing both sides).

If that weren’t enough, they can also use their exclusive Intelligence to view the lenders who these real estate agents are currently working with. They, in turn, can take that information to customize their pitches and presentations to the exact needs of the real estate partners they’re trying to recruit.

Drawing from New American Funding’s vast range of products, they can feature, for example, the company’s low down payment programs for agents specializing in first-time homebuyers and the company’s non-QM products for those agents whose focus is signature homes for more sophisticated buyers.

Relationships, Not Riches, Gets you the Gold

Working roughly a century after Cervantes, the great scientist Isaac Newton saw his success more in terms of a collaboration than any solitary pursuit. “If I have been able to see further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants,” Newton said.

Newton, like Cervantes, knew that much of your life and business success is based on the quality and productivity of your relationships.  

If you’re looking to enhance the company you keep, then try Agent Intelligence from New American Funding. Frankly, it will help you see things that you never thought possible.

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