Where is the best place to meet realtors?

by Brian Sacks03 Jul 2018

Before we even dive into this topic I think it’s critical that we come to one important realization and truth. This may shock some of you so be prepared.

Yes, we are all in the same overall business and we should start thinking of each other more as partners than adversaries. Realtors work hard just like we do. They are commissioned salespeople just like us as well, and our incomes are often very dependent on each other.

Stop and think about that for a minute. When a realtor refers a client to you they are actually trusting you with their income and their reputations. Keep that in mind next time you speak with an agent who is irritated or upset.

They care about what you know but they first need to know you care before they will do business with you. Please don’t tell me that you give great service and have great rates because honestly everyone does or they wouldn’t be in the business.

Maybe what’s more important is that they won’t know about your service or rates until they start working with you.

Please don’t be upset at me for the simplicity of what I am about to share. The best place to meet realtors is . . . your local Real Estate Association.

Yes, you should join and get active in your local Board of Realtors. The top agents ironically are also the most active in their Associations than the part time or less successful agents. Funny how that works huh?

Get active in the Association by going to the events and meeting agents.  You should also get active on some of the Association’s Committees. This will be your opportunity to actually meet these agents in person. No begging for a lunch meeting or coffee. They already know you and hopefully like you since you serve on the same committee.

One of my top agents currently is someone I met by serving on a committee of which this realtor was the chair. But hold on because there is one other important way to position yourself in front of these agents.

Realtors need continuing credit hours to renew their licenses just like we do. One of the best way to position yourself as an expert in front of these Realtors is to teach one of these continuing education classes.

I teach a course on Boomerang Buyers and also credit-challenged buyers. The beauty of this strategy is that the Board of Realtors advertises your class to its members. It’s usually held at the Board of Realtors offices and they are also the one who gets the courses approved with your state and issues the actual credit certificates.

If you are nervous please don’t be, because it’s highly likely you know more than any of the agents in the class and you will have an outline you prepared to work from. You simply show up, teach the class, and walk away with new deals and relationships. Go ahead — right now while it’s on your mind, find your local Realtor Associations’ website. Print out and complete the membership form. Most Associations offer affiliate members (non-realtors) a large discount to be part of the Association. Oh, and I almost forgot: they also will provide a list of the members and their contact information, which is priceless.

Try this now and share your success story with me at TopOriginatorSecrets.com

Brian Sacks is a national mortgage expert with Homebridge Financial Services Inc., located in Owings Mills, Maryland. He has compiled over 30 years of mortgage experience and career closings of 8000 loans in excess of $1 billion. He is a recognized leader in the mortgage industry and is the resident expert for NBC Channel 11, as well as having appeared on CBS and ABC stations. Brian has appeared nationally in over 42 states.

He is considered the national expert on working with credit challenged buyers. Brian is also a respected coach, and speaker and the founder of the Top Originator Mastermind. You can watch his four-part free video series on How To Close More Loans—Make More Money And Still Enjoy Life at 


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