Turn up the heat with Agent Intelligence

by New American Funding12 Jun 2018

Has a chill wind been blowing over your business lately? Have you been making a blizzard of cold calls with no results? Do you feel completely frozen out by the people you need to get in front of?

Then you need GoGo LO’s Agent Intelligence, from New American Funding. Not only will it help you identify the top Real Estate Agents operating in your market, but it will decidedly warm up your sales and marketing approach as you go to contact all these top agents.

After activating the AI feature on your GoGo LO app, you’ll quickly be able to see the agents doing the lion’s share of business in your town. In seconds, you’ll be able to separate the serious players from the weekend warriors.

Besides learning the names of these top producers, you’ll see a list of all their transactions, both the buy-side and sell-side. You’ll even see pictures of all the houses they’ve sold — whether they’ve been selling loads of $200,000 condos or scads of $2 million mansions. And you can see exactly the lenders they’re currently partnering with to fund those transactions. Once armed with this intelligence, you can now deploy it to your sales and marketing advantage.

Say, that $200,000 condo king has been doing business with a bank that doesn’t do FHA loans. That’s your opportunity to share with the agent how you can serve his low-down payment or credit-challenged borrowers with all the great FHA products that New American Funding specializes in. Maybe, until meeting you, they were simply unaware they had the ability to go farther down the credit cycle to meet their clients’ needs.

Or in the case of the agent you’ve identified who works exclusively with buyers of multi-million-dollar properties, you can approach them about how your company’s jumbo and non-QM (qualified mortgage) offerings easily outperform what their high-end buyers are currently using.

By leveraging the intelligence that AI provides, you can begin cultivating relationships with only the agents who can positively impact your business. It’s the game changer you’ve been looking for.

To whatever degree you want improve your business, GoGo LO’s Agent Intelligence, from New American Funding, will help you turn up the heat!


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