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by New American Funding29 Oct 2018

In 2003, NASA launched two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, to explore the surface and geology of the planet Mars. Far past its original mission of 90 days, Opportunity was still yielding valuable information about the Martian planet in 2018, eliciting this comment from former NASA chief, Daniel Goldin:

“Over the past 50 years, we have been witness to so many incredible achievements. From jet travel to space travel, from TV to mp3, even from instant coffee to instant messaging. These discoveries have changed not only the view of our planet and our universe but our place in it.”

This spirit of exploration has been adopted by a number of tech-forward companies that understand the importance of creating and using new tools to advance their missions. Let’s look at one, New American Funding, a mortgage banking company, which has been pushing the innovation envelope with its to create out-of-this world opportunities for its Loan Originators.

is the ultimate smart phone app for New American Funding Loan Originators, allowing them to perform any activity in the field that they once could do only from their office – manage their pipeline, pre-qualify clients, pull credit, sign 1003s, check loan details and deadlines, integrate with their desktop CRM and LOS and a multitude of other vital tasks and functions.

At the same time, they can use GoGo LO to pull up a quick coaching session or if they’re seeking to deepen their bench of Real Estate Agent referral partners, they can click on GoGo LO’s Agent Intelligence to show them the names, locations, rankings and production numbers of every top real estate office and Real Estate Agent in their market area, plus all the Loan Originators currently serving them. 

GoGo Partner
Once introduced to , these top agents love it because of the way it includes them in the loan process.  GoGo Partner gives them real-time updates on exactly where their client’s loan is at every moment. They can also set action reminders for every key loan stage and pull up all the key contacts responsible for successfully moving the transaction from that first pre-qual letter through funding. 

Real Estate Agents can also use GoGo Partner’s electronic sign-in feature at their open houses to capture and begin marketing to all their visitors. This list gets automatically uploaded to their growing list of prospects to whom they and their New American Funding Loan Originator can begin sending their favorite cobranded marketing collateral. These cobranded materials, which can be timed and coordinated to match every milestone of the loan cycle, are a huge benefit for Real Estate Agents, who may not always have the time or inclination to maintain a consistent marketing schedule.

GoGo Home
With more than half of all homebuyers starting their home search online and more than 90% of all buyers turning to the internet at some point in the homebuying process, New American Funding knew it had to develop an industry-leading home search tool that gave buyers a clear, real-time window into every market they were considering for a home purchase. That tool is GoGo Home.

With , house hunters can shop the MLS 24/7 for home listings that get refreshed every 15 minutes. GoGo Home also gives New American Funding Loan Originators and their Real Estate Agent partners an added edge because the houses that shoppers pull up are branded with only their contact information.

Always Improving
As new and better ways of doing business become possible, New American Funding continues to add these innovations to its GoGo universe.

If you’re seeking new frontiers for your business, take the for a test spin. It’s your exclusive opportunity to rocket past your competition.

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