Increasing originations using Agent Intelligence

by New American Funding26 Jun 2018

To their credit, some people and companies look at things differently – and change the world.

Arriving at his bank seconds after it had closed, a frustrated Scotsman, John Shepherd-Barron, wondered why there wasn’t a machine that dispensed money 24/7 the way Britain’s vending machines dispensed Cadbury chocolate bars. Two years later, he invented the world’s first ATM.

A quarter century ago, Wisconsinite Ralph Bruno found himself with a leftover cushion after reupholstering his mother’s living room couch. Rather than dump it in the trash, he burned a hole in it, painted it a cheesy yellow, and stuck it on his head. America’s first official Cheesehead was born. To this day, Bruno directs a thriving company, Foamation, which sells thousands of Cheesehead products annually.

In that same innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, New American Funding CEO Rick Arvielo began wondering a couple years ago why a smart phone application didn’t exist that Loan Originators could use to identify the top-producing real estate offices and agents in their market. Instead of hoping for one, he and his development team at New American Funding set out to build it.

Now it’s here, and it’s called , and it’s a new feature on the company’s GoGo LO mobile app, which enables New American Funding’s Originators to do pretty much anything from their smart phone that they used to do on their desktop computer.

Game-Changing Results
Now when New American Funding Originators set out to identify the top producing real estate offices and agents in their market, they don’t have to start dialing randomly or cold-knocking, hoping for an introduction. They simply have to open the Agent Intelligence feature on their – and literally go to town.

Within seconds, they can identify every top real estate office operating in their town, and the top agents in those top-producing offices. It gets better. They can view these select agents’ production numbers, both in units and dollar volume and in terms of buy-side or sell-side transactions, property type, financing, and much more.

Inside Advantage
Perhaps, most important, they can view which brokers and lenders these top Real Estate Agents have been working with. They can see the types of deals they’re doing and how often they’re doing them. Accordingly, Loan Originators using Agent Intelligence can take their intel and for approaching these same agents and ultimately winning their business.

That’s a true inside advantage. Making their presentations, they can drive right to the heart of what these top agents are most interested in. That may be easy-entry, low down payment products for one agent specializing in serving first-time homebuyers, and more sophisticated products for another agent exclusively serving high-income, but self-employed borrowers.

Today’s top Originators need information fast and they need to act on it even faster. Like Scotsman John Shepherd-Barron, they can’t wait for the bank to open. They want to strike while the iron’s hot, and nothing is hotter right now than Agent Intelligence from New American Funding.

Agent Intelligence may not yet have changed the world the way ATMs and Cheeseheads have, but it is certainly making Loan Originators like yourself more productive and richer.

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