Should you meet realtors at an open house?

by Dave Hershman03 May 2018

You recently talked about following up on prospects from open houses. My manager has told me that I need to visit open houses to meet real estate agents. What do I say to them? ~Max from South Carolina

That is a great follow-up to the prospect question. I have covered this before, but it is always good to get a reminder. In the previous case, the loan officer was helping an agent with an open house. You are coming to that open house un-invited. Obviously, that is a way different story. Before we get to your question of what to say, I would like to spend some time answering the first question you will face--which open to visit? There are basically two general strategies:

The first option is to drive around in your neighborhood and find an open sign and walk in. In this case, you are somewhat of a "neighbor."

The second option is to research open houses ahead of time, find out who the agents are holding them and then do research on the agent before you make a decision. Obviously, that will give you an advantage of knowing something about the agent before you go. Though, keep in mind that many top listing agents have junior agents holding the houses open for them. That is not necessarily a bad thing as a relationship with the "underling" may give you a back door to meeting the top agent.

Knowing something about the agent will be a key in developing a strategy. And you should have a game plan for the situation you are walking into. For example, if the home is empty and the day is slow--the agent will have more time. If they are very busy, your approach will be different. Next week we will cover what to say.


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