3Points with Mat Ishbia, June

by Kimberly Greene05 Jun 2018

Mat Ishbia is the president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, one of the country’s largest independent mortgage lenders. Every month, he shares three recent developments that could impact your business. For June, those things are:

  • Private Insurance
    The game has changed when it comes to borrower-paid private insurance; originators need to understand the differences and how to use them to your clients’ advantage.
  • Dodd-Frank Reform
    The new Dodd-Frank provisions are official, including a point of particular interest for loan officers and originators transitioning from a bank to a non-bank/broker shop – and those who want to hire them
  • Anti-predatory lending
    There are new regulations regarding anti-predatory lending toward veterans

Listen to Mat Ishbia explain these points in detail .


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