3 Points with Mat Ishbia, July

by Kimberly Greene05 Jul 2018

Mat Ishbia is the president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, and each month, he shares industry happenings that could impact your business. For July, Ishbia elaborates on

  • Freddie Mac’s new HomeOne mortgage

This program is a conventional program that only requires a 3% down payment for any first-time buyer. Launching on July 29th, HomeOne provides an option for homeownership to those potential borrowers who don’t meet AMI requirements.

  • Industry-wide changes make it easier to process condo purchases

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced some changes, including treating condos more like single-family residences and appraisal waivers. Will FHA follow suit?

  • Virtual e-closing is expanding across the country

Away on summer vacation? No problem – virtual e-closing makes closing easier, faster, and more flexible for your clients. You can be a leader in this space by educating your referral partners.

See Matt discuss these points .


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