Word of mouth can be an originator’s best friend

by Ryan Smith25 May 2017
Making it into Paydayloans247’s prestigious 150 Million Dollar Club at all takes talent and drive. Brian Minkow not only made the list – his 2016 loan volume would have gotten him in several times over.

Minkow, loan originator and Pacific division vice president for HomeBridge Financial Services, had a good 2016. Actually, that’s a significant understatement; last year, Minkow closed 1,258 units and racked up a staggering $503 million in total loan volume. That’s an $83 million increase over his already-impressive 2015 numbers.

Minkow credits his success to “working for a great company, having great real estate partners and a great ‘Team Minkow.’” Minkow has leveraged those assets to become the top originator at HomeBridge.

He’s also built an impressive referral business, with most of his business coming from real estate agents and word-of-mouth referrals from clients.

“This is really a people-focused industry, and it’s all about creating and maintaining productive relationships with people in a very personal way,” Minkow said. “The result is word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied agents, clients and other business partners.”

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