Branch Opportunity of the Week: Integrity Mortgage -- CRM and education

by Ryan Smith23 Jul 2014
Maintaining relationships with your clients is a key factor in continued success. But you won’t build those relationships in the first place without making good first impressions – and to do that you have to be educated on your products. That’s why Integrity Mortgage group supports its originators with matchless customer relationship support and education.

“We maintain a database of (loan officers’) clients, and periodically throughout the year for about a four-year period, we’ll contact them by email or mail to congratulate them for the anniversary of purchasing their home, birthday,” says Integrity CEO Dean Wolfe. “Things to help keep their loan officer’s face in front of them.”

Integrity is also serious about keeping its originators up to date.

“Education is really ongoing. We provide training on sales approach, product knowledge different loan programs, niche programs, things like that,” Wolfe says. “We try to make sure they have a pretty good base to make sure they’re knowledgeable answering questions about a particular product. Our goal is for them to be the mortgage product that their referral sources know and trust for information on these products.

“Once they’re comfortable with the programs, we provide them a whole suite of marketing products to go with that,” he adds. “We try not to give them training unless we can give them some way to apply it that will increase their sales.”

And Integrity also makes sure its originators are up to date with their required continuing education.

“We have some relationships with CE providers, and we do those usually as a group,” Wolfe says. “We make it available to everyone. There’s a state component that they sometimes have to take separately, but we try to make sure we provide a couple of opportunities a year for them to get their continuing education.”

Integrity Mortgage Group offers:
  • In-house FHA manufactured homes program
  • HUD DE FHA 203k Department with 24-hour underwriting
  • HUD DE FHA reverse mortgage lender with in-house underwriting and closing
  • Direct VA, FHA, USDA and conventional loans
  • Underwriting hotline for questions and scenarios
  • Dedicated transition team with processing support
The company is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. For more information, visit, email [email protected], or call Kelly Wolfe at 877-772-3350.


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