Note from the Founder by Robert Pegg

by 03 Nov 2008
This evening I am driving over to a potential client?s house to discuss their options for getting out of an oppressive mortgage that is slowly drowning them (and their ARM hasn?t even recalculated yet). I know from talking with them over the phone that they are underwater in their current mortgage and there is not even a one percent chance they will qualify for a new mortgage. You may be asking yourself ?then why go over there if you know they won?t qualify?? My answer is that not only is this right thing to do, but these folks need sound advice and help figuring out their options. I may be able to refer them to one of many reputable business partners I have aligned myself with in this struggling market. I mention this story because in this issue of TNR we have many articles related to helping you, the loan originator, offer potential clients those different options. Leslie Petersen, who has over 30 years experience in mortgage lending and also writes for, is back with our feature article on FHASecure. The media and government are touting the new Hope for Homeowners (H4H) program as the savior to this foreclosure mess, however, Leslie firmly disagrees and she will tell you why. We also have Raymond Bartreau, President of Best Rate Referrals and a nationally recognized marketing consultant, writing on the topic of building multiple relationships with reputable professionals who specialize in all of the following: credit repair, loan modification, short sales, debt settlement and Bankruptcy Law. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank VAMB, especially the Executive Director - Steve Baugher. We recently attended the 20th Annual Convention held in Virginia Beach. He and VAMB made us feel extremely welcomed and put on a great show. Steve/VAMB ? Thank you, TNR looks forward to next year?s convention and will be here to help VAMB in any way we can. This month we are off to NAMB/West at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada (check out the TNR calendar for dates and details). The vendor lineup looks very well-rounded and I invite anyone attending to stop by and visit our booth, # 623. Look forward to seeing you there. Keep up the fight, Robert Pegg


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