Questions about non-QM?

by Ryan Smith12 Apr 2017
REMN Wholesale Mortgage is hosting a free webinar next week to educate mortgage pros about non-QM loans.

Nonprime loans are undergoing something of a renaissance right now. For years following the 2008 financial crisis, there was a stigma around the product. But today’s non-QM market is much different than the “Wild West” of the subprime space a decade ago.

Still, many originators are wary of non-QM loans. But with mortgage rates set for an upward trajectory as the Fed follows its plan to gradually raise the benchmark interest rate this year, non-QM loans are going to become important products for every originator’s toolbox.

REMN’s webinar, scheduled for April 19 at 2 p.m. EST, will educate originators about the ins and outs of non-QM loans, including:
  • How to earn more money with non-QM programs
  • The difference between a QM Standard and an Expanded Plus program
  • Alternative documentation requirements for non-QM loans
  • General underwriting standards for non-QM loans
  • Who qualifies for non-QM loans
To register for REMN’s free webinar, .


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