NewDay USA extends commitment to veterans with foundation initiatives

by Francis Monfort11 Dec 2017
NewDay USA’s commitment to veterans extends far beyond its VA loan offerings, according to Regina Lowrie, who recently sat down with Paydayloans247 to discuss the foundation’s initiatives.

Lowrie is president of NewDay USA’s Foundation and also president and CEO of RML Advisors. She describes the foundation, with its three-pronged approach of cause giving, scholarships, and an employee volunteer program, as an essential component of NewDay USA’s focus on veterans.

Through the foundation’s first giving-back component, NewDay USA has given support to the USO, the Medal of Honor Foundation, the Medal of Honor Society, and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The foundation also recently presented a $1 million check for a 10-year commitment to help fund the global war on terror.

“The global war on terror is really to support the fact that we’re probably not going to see an end to that war,” Lowrie said. “It’s going to be an ongoing war of terror and to recognize all of those that have served in the battle against ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria.”

The foundation also provides scholarships to children of families in which the mother or father was killed or was severely disabled in combat.

“[O]ur employees sponsor a scholar,” Lowrie said. “So during their four years of school they are constantly in contact with them; they send care packages at Christmas or candy at Halloween.”

The third component in the foundation’s approach is employee participation in volunteer events.

“This year, our goal is to have a thousand hours of employee volunteering,” Lowrie said. “Every first Friday of every month, we have a group of employees that go to Baltimore Station, and we provide dinners and the employees serve it. (The dinners are for) homeless veterans in the Baltimore area.”

According to Lowrie, other volunteer activities include washing the Vietnam Memorial Wall and activities at the Chesapeake Hospice for disabled veterans.

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