Mulvaney shoots down White House chief of staff replacement rumors

by Francis Monfort13 Feb 2018

Mick Mulvaney has denied reports that he is being considered for the role of White House chief of staff to replace John Kelly, who is under fire for his response in relation to domestic abuse allegations against a former aide.

Mulvaney is currently the director of the Office of Management and Budget in the White House as well as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He has headed the consumer watchdog for less than three months, having assumed the role in November.

Mulvaney said he does not want Kelly's role, according to a CBS interview.

"I love the job -- jobs -- that I have now. And more importantly, I think the chief of staff is doing a really good job," Mulvaney said.

"(T)he West Wing continues to function. It functions well," Mulvaney said. "I hear that I'm being considered, in the media at least, for replacing the chief of staff. You think that maybe someone would have mentioned it to me. No one's talked to me at all. Not a single time."

White House staffers have been discussing the aftermath of a chief of staff replacement, a source familiar with the conversations told CNN. Mulvaney was seen as a main contender to be an eventual replacement, according to the report.

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