Morning Briefing: San Francisco among most searched city but residents want to leave

by Steve Randall12 Sep 2016
San Francisco among most searched city but residents want to leave
San Francisco is among the most often searched housing markets on Zillow but the data shows that many in the metro are keen to move out.

The study shows that a listing in San Francisco is more likely to be searched from outside the area than 92 per cent of other markets. However, half of the home searches conducted in the San Francisco market are for outside the area.

"If someone lives in an expensive area, they may look for another place to live that is less expensive but offers a similar quality of life. Home shoppers in less expensive markets may weigh sacrificing space or cost in favor of a better job in a more expensive locale. Home search trends, in time, translate into actual moves and migration, which will have a lasting impact on the economy and landscape," said Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell.

Austin, TX is another market where locals appear keen to move along with New Orleans, Miami and Detroit.

Those in Portland, Seattle and Jacksonville top the rankings of markets where there are few outward-looking searches but high percentages of inward inquiries.
Trump’s childhood home to be auctioned
He could soon be living in America’s most famous home but Donald Trump’s childhood home is about to go under the hammer.

The single-family detached home in New York’s Queens was listed two months ago at $1.65 million but has been discounted a number of times since with the most recent price of $1.39 million according to Mansion Global.

It now appears that the 5-bed, 4.5-bath house will be auctioned next month by the New York restaurateurs who own it but are selling due to divorce.

In a statement the couple said: “We are choosing to auction the property because we don’t know what it’s worth.”

They are hoping that the Trump connection will pique interest in the home and have a positive effect on its selling price.
Best housing markets for families revealed
Families looking to move to a city which offers them the best lifestyle should consider Overland Park in Kansas.

The metro is revealed at the top city for families based on metrics such as cost of housing; quality of schools and healthcare; and recreational facilities.

The top ten markets also include: Madison, WI; Plano, TX; Sioux Falls, SD; Virginia Beach, VA; Lincoln, NE; Aurora, IL; Omaha, NE; Colorado Springs, CO; and Freemont, CA.

The study by WalletHub found that Aurora, Illinois has the most families with children while Fort Lauderdale, FL has the fewest. Overland Park, KS has the lowest percentage of families below the poverty level while California’s San Bernardino has the highest.


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