Maryland family sues for $2 million over new home

by 04 Jun 2015
By Justin da Rosa

A Maryland couple has decided to sue for $2 million when they discovered their new home was invested with snakes.

"Once we found three and the size of them, of course your emotions are going crazy,” Jody Brooks, the matriarch of the four-person family who moved into the home told WUSA. “We've kind of settled our fears by talking to the experts but my first quest was, help me emotionally, just tell me that this snake would never have mistaken our four-month-old baby for a vermin and curled up in the crib with her."

Jody, her husband Jeff, and their two children – aged four and 9 months – moved into the home in January of this year but just recently discovered their slithery housemates.

And now they are suing their Realtor for $2 million. The suit, thankfully, does not name the couple’s mortgage originator.

According to court documents, “Home Paramount [who was called to remove the snakes] determined that the snake activity was not limited to the basement, and Property is a snake den where snakes come to hibernate and remain dormant in the fall and winter months, such as the time that the Brooks’ entered into the contract for the home and moved into the Property.”

On April 11, Jeff Brooks noticed a seven foot snake in the basement and called Home Paramount, which killed the snake before leaving. An hour later, Brooks discovered a four-footer in the basement as well.

“On April 20, 2015, Home Paramount continued their investigation of the matter to find out where the snakes were coming from and removed insulation in the basement. They found tunnels created by the snakes and snake nests,” the court documents state. “The snake inspector classified the Property as ‘infested’ by snakes and advised the Brooks’ that it was not healthy or safe to live in the house with small children.”


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