Marketing technology can also attract top employees

by Ryan Smith08 Sep 2016
Marketing technology isn’t just for attracting customers. It also comes in handy when companies are trying to attract quality employees. A new study has found that 70% of US companies plan to invest in a marketing platform to recruit new talent in the next year, according to a news release from Smashfly Technologies.

The report, “The Talent Acquisition Trifecta: A New Framework,” found that companies gain an advantage in recruitment when they have three technologies in place: a recruitment marketing platform to attract leads, an applicant tracking system to manage applicants through the hiring process, and an onboarding system to manage new hires.

Jennifer Tracy, the company's Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity, said, “It's no surprise to hear that 70% of companies are planning to invest in a recruitment marketing platform,” said Jennifer Tracy, senior director of talent acquisition for Bright House Networks. “In the last five years recruiting has become increasingly challenging, and we've needed to spend more resources to get the right people. Before, it was an employer's choice, but now it's a candidate choice.”

“Identifying, attracting, hiring and onboarding talent can be a daunting process for companies. Our research into what makes talent acquisition teams successful led us to create a new framework for organizational thinking and how companies should define success,” said Madeline Laurano, co-founder and chief research officer of Aptitude Research Partners, which authored the study. “These days you need more than just an ATS to find and hire top talent — a talent acquisition strategy isn't strategic if it doesn't have the right technology in place to manage candidates throughout the different stages of their journey. The best approach is to invest in the 'Talent Acquisition Trifecta' — a recruitment marketing platform, an applicant tracking system and an onboarding system. With these three solutions as part of your HR technology stack, the task of identifying, attracting, hiring and onboarding talent will be less complex and organizations will be able to shift from reactive to proactive recruiting.”


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