Man sentenced in mortgage scheme

by Justin da Rosa27 Jan 2016
The man who allegedly made off with $3 million as a result of a mortgage scam has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Randy Poulson was accused to soliciting dubious investments and hoodwinking property owners into handing over their homes. Investigators allege the scheme made him over $3 million.
He was able to swindle his victims under the guise of presenting himself as a real estate guru, according to the FBI.

“Poulson gave three weekend-long seminars, numerous speeches at monthly dinners and various, private tutorial sessions purporting to teach real estate investing tips to individuals who paid fees to attend,” the FBI said in a release following his original arrest. “Poulson was the former president of the South Jersey Real Estate Investment Club.”

Poulson was originally arrested in May, 2014.

“Poulson engaged in a two-pronged scheme. First, he promised to pay the mortgages of distressed homeowners facing foreclosure if they sold their homes to him—for no other compensation. Using this method, Poulson obtained the deeds to more than 25 distressed homeowners’ residences, causing them to vacate the homes so renters could move in,” the FBI said. “Poulson then stopped making the monthly mortgage payments, causing those mortgages to go into foreclosure without the distressed homeowners’ knowledge.”

The second part of the scheme involved soliciting investors, according to the FBI.

“Poulson explained to the investors that their money would be used to acquire and rehabilitate properties, which Poulson claimed he would rent out and then sell for a 10 to 20 percent return on the investment,” the FBI said.


  • by bruce trout | 1/27/2016 12:41:44 PM

    6 years for 3 million? Not a bad return for him

  • by Dana S | 3/22/2017 12:51:53 PM

    I was one of his victims. He deserves way more time. And what about people credit? I heard nothing about the title company who helped him with this scheme.

  • by L. Meredith | 7/6/2017 6:31:39 PM

    I was also a victim of the scumbag and i hope he rots in hell. He has ruined my credit, cost me thousnads in legal fees and caused my former residence to be foreclosed. The prosecutors office and the federal court system sentenced him to six years { should have been longer } but left his victims out in the cold. No restitution to be heard of because they say he had no assets. Guess he was living large in a house of cards. Justice did not prevail in this case, but the perputrator did because he will again be living the good life after jail with the loot and assets he hid from the justice system. No, JUSTICE WAS NOT DONE. Very dissapointed in the system.


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