iPhone App for Real Estate Professionals ‘HomeSnap’ Raises Over $7 MM in Funding

by 16 Nov 2012

I recently found about a new mobile app for iPhone and iPad called ‘HomeSnap.’ This app is gaining popularity among realtors and real estate investors. This app allows you to take a photo or “snap” of any home with your iPhone or iPad. The app then spits out information about the property including: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the square footage, when did it last sell, what is it worth, etc. The house doesn’t even need to be listed on the MLS for you to obtain this data! Pretty cool right?

This is a great app for real estate investors that drive around seeking out properties that are not on the MLS. There are currently 90 million homes in the company’s database and they are aggressively adding new Cities across the U.S.

Sawbuck, the company who launched the mobile app, has approximately 1 million visitors a month to its real estate website. Guy Wolcott, the company’s CEO, calls the HomeSnap application the “Shazam” for real estate. A real estate investor himself, Guy Wolcott launched HomeSnap to create a mobile experience in real estate like none other. The Company just received another $3.5 MM in funding, in addition to previous funding of $4 MM.

HomeSnap is free to download in the iTunes store, so download it and give it a try while driving through your own neighborhood. You can see the closest homes for sale to your own home and what they look like on the inside. You can also leave the application open as you drive around town and the app will automatically update itself with the homes closest to your location. And this is just one of many cool functions that this app has to offer!

For real estate agents who are driving around with clients, this app can create a whole new experience. And for real estate investors who target specific neighborhoods, this app removes a lot of the tedious work involved with finding and researching homes. If you are a real estate professional, download and try this new real estate app for iPhone and iPad. You won’t be disappointed.


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