Servicing the residential investor market

by Heather Turner05 May 2016
Housing demand is rising across the United States and real estate investors are looking to capitalize in some of the hotter markets across the country. While several investors can own hundreds of rental properties, many residential real estate investors own 10 or fewer properties.  
Colony American Finance has recently rolled-out a single-asset loan product for investors who own fewer than 10 investment properties, all part of the company’s efforts to broaden and diversify loan products.
”When we look at the market, we see a large number of rental investors, a significant majority, who own 10 or fewer rental properties. Sometimes the blanket or portfolio loans don’t match perfectly with their objectives,” said Ryan McBride, COO at Colony American Finance (CAF). “So we recently launched our single-asset loan product, meant to appeal to these investors who may want more flexibility in their loan terms and a product that may be more consistent with the type of loans they have had in the past.”
Available in the markets CAF operates in, this new loan product offers real estate investors who are just entering the market a new option to finance their endeavors.
“We think that there is a significant amount of demand for this product, so we are really responding to what our customers want and what we believe is a large part of the market,” said McBride.


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