Colony American Finance expands market presence, partners with Sharestates

by Heather Turner25 Apr 2016
Colony American Finance, a nationwide lender focused on creating a specialty-finance platform for residential real estate investors, recently partnered with Sharestates, a real estate investment marketplace that allows individual and institutional investors to participate in rigorously vetted debt and equity offerings, to strategically expand the company’s market presence and diversify its loan offerings.
"We are thrilled to expand our presence in the marketplace lending space by partnering with a market leader like Sharestates, which has demonstrated expertise in both deal-sourcing and underwriting," said Ryan McBride, COO of Colony American Finance.
Focused on an approach that centers on responsiveness to specific cycle opportunities, Colony American Finance (CAF) seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns through a balance of short and long-term financing products. 
According to McBride, partnering with Sharestates provides CAF an avenue to reach borrowers in certain geographical areas where CAF does not presently have a large footprint. “One of the things we realized was that the market is enormous and that there are a number of partners or potential partners in regional markets with different distribution methods or skills and expertise that we could partner with to expand our lending activity,” said McBride.
Through their partnership with Sharestates and other similar partners, CAF is able to diversify their loan book while having a new view into local markets.  “We are able to assess trends and look at how assets are performing in markets,” he said. This allows CAF the ability to adjust practices where necessary and provides them with greater market intelligence across different geographies.
“We have a history at Colony American Finance in general of working with regional partners to help grow our respective businesses in a mutually-beneficial arrangement between both sides,” said McBride.


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