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  • REO-to-Rentals: Wall Street Meets Main Street by

    ​When the first flood of foreclosures swamped housing markets at the dawn of the Foreclosure Era in 2007, a new generation of investors saw the opportunity and discovered they could make much more money by holding and renting the properties they acquired than by flipping them. Rental income from tenants—often families displaced by the housing crisis—created the cash flows necessary to fund additional foreclosure purchases and the REO-to-rental business was born.

  • The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in the USA to Buy a Home by

    What are the top five most expensive U.S. Cities to buy a home? The answer may surprise you. This list is based on the highest price per square foot for homes in the U.S.

  • Stiff Fines for Paying Broker Fees on Residential Hard Money Loans by

    Many States such as Nevada, Arizona, and even Utah are imposing stiff fines for paying broker fees on residential hard money loans.

  • Bank Loans on Investment Properties are Scarce by

    In today’s lending environment, a loan from your friendly banker on an investment property is nearly impossible to get. Many investors have held onto their income-producing investment properties through the meltdown in real estate.

  • A Buyer of Broken Dreams by

    Cash has been king since 2008 when the market crashed. Because so many toxic banks were taken over by the FDIC, they established various bidding platforms whereby assets are bundled and then offered for sale to qualified, registered bidders.

  • Too Many Renters; Not Enough Single Family Homes by


Should CFPB have more supervision over credit agencies?

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