Hollander Financial Selects SearchMyLoan?s Loan Search and Pricing Engine

by 12 May 2008
- Speeds up loan origination process and expands ability to grab market share - PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., May 12, 2008 ? SearchMyLoan.com (SML), a provider of loan search and pricing services for the mortgage industry, announced that Claremont, Calif.-based Hollander Financial, one of the largest financial institutions in Southern California, selected SearchMyLoan.com to provide loan search and pricing services to its loan officers. As a result of signing on with SearchMyLoan.com, Hollander Financial?s loan originators have access to the SML search engine platform that provides a comprehensive search and pricing capability of virtually every loan type available. Hollander Financial loan products are included on the SML platform, giving loan originators access to its prime, FHA and ALT-A products. ?With many larger lenders moving away from wholesale channels, the financial needs of many borrowers are not being met. Using SearchMyLoan?s loan search and pricing engine, we are able to provide our niche lending products quicker and more efficiently through correspondent channels to provide loans to many of these borrowers, grabbing market share and boosting our competitiveness,? said Mark Hollander, president of Hollander Financial. ?Like most lenders, Hollander Financial is leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage, even during the recent downturn in the economy,? said Salvatore Tomaselli, CEO of SearchMyLoan. ?This enables the lender to do more with less and grab market share before its competition implements outreach efforts as the economy improves.? SearchMyLoan.com?s platform is a loan search engine providing comprehensive search and pricing for every loan type, such as A-paper, ALT-A, FHA and sub prime loans. About Hollander Financial Hollander Financial (Claremont, Calif.) is a mortgage lender providing real estate development, purchasing, listing, loan origination and wholesale lending services, as well as construction, commercial and development financing. For more information on Hollander Financial, visit www.hollanderfinancial.com. About SearchMyLoan.com SearchMyLoan.com (Port Washington, N.Y.) provides loan search and pricing services to mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers of all sizes. All loan types, such as conventional, sub prime and Alt-A, are supported by the company?s online search service. The company fully maintains its own product data and automates the loan search and pricing process. For more information on SearchMyLoan.com, visit www.searchmyloan.com.


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