Freddie Mac announces holiday eviction moratorium

by Ryan Smith12 Dec 2016
Freddie Mac has announced a nationwide suspension of eviction lock-outs between Dec. 19 and Jan. 3. The suspension applies to all foreclosed, occupied homes owned by the GSE.

“Our announcement today is to help provide families with a greater measure of certainty during the upcoming holiday season,” said Chris Bowden, Freddie Mac senior vice president of REO. “We also want to be sure families experiencing financial hardship are aware of the options available to them. Those who are facing possible foreclosure should reach out to their mortgage servicers and explore the alternatives that are in place to help homeowners year-round.”

The holiday suspension will apply to eviction lockouts on Freddie-owned REO homes, but won’t affect other pre- or post-foreclosure activities, according to Freddie Mac. Companies managing local evictions for the GSE can continue to file documentation as needed during the moratorium.


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