Four credit unions partner with myCUmortgage

by Paydayloans24713 Jul 2017
Four credit unions across different states have partnered with myCUmortgage, a credit union serice organization, as they seek to bolster services to their members.

The unions are:
  • Central Susquehanna Federal Credit Union – Pennsylvania
  • Crane Credit Union – Indiana
  • G.H.S. Federal Credit Union – South Carolina
  • Towns Union Educators' Federal Credit Union – Georgia
Under the partnership, the unions are able to tap into various mortgage loan programs to fit their needs, as well as member-centric service and support.

This is not the organisation’s first string of partnerships this year. Last May, it also partnered with nine other credit unions from California, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio. The organisation is a wholly-owned by Wright-Patt Credit Union, based in Beavercreek, Ohio.

"In today's competitive mortgage industry, it's more important than ever for credit union leaders to not only have the best knowledge and information available to them but also the tools they need to get more members into homes," said Tim Mislansky, president of myCUmortgage, last May.

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