Employees at this mortgage company receive unlimited paid time off

by 26 Jan 2015
A small Portland-based company has taken a liberal approach to work-life balance by offering its employees flexible work schedules and unlimited paid time off.

Rose City Mortgage’s owner Renee Spears told that she implemented the unlimited PTO policy several years ago in an effort to treat employees as she would want to be treated.

"My intention for creating the business was creating a place where I'd want to go work," she said. "It didn't seem fair that I got (unlimited time off) and my employees didn't. It came down to fairness."

Spears said the 15 employees at her firm don’t abuse the policy and each take about a month off each year. The benefit to the policy is that she attracts and keeps the best people. “I'm well aware my loan officers could go anywhere else and be the top producer, but I'm fortunate to have them here and want to make them happy,” she told the media outlet.


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