Diversification by Raymond Bartreau

by 03 Nov 2008
This is no secret, times are tough for many in our changing industry. How do we all keep up? I recently wrote an article on the few forms of marketing still working. What happens when you exhaust all those efforts and have truly tapped into every outlet you have? Where do you go from there? I have the answer for you, ?diversification?. I talk to a lot of folks that are currently successful in this market. Many of them have some variable of this same concept ? diversification - in their business model, and therefore, able to offer many services to each and every potential client they run into. In order to provide quality financial services with phenomenal customer service you must have a wide array of options, in fact, the more options you have the better. In today?s market with current lending conditions, limited lenders, plummeting values, credit issues, failing banks etc? it is much harder to convert those 2 - 5 deals per month needed to maintain the same type of income generated in past years. What do you do with the folks you can?t refi? Some LOs are now doing loan modification referrals, some are also doing credit repair for their clients. My advice would be to network yourself with as many different people, from as many different areas of the financial services industry. Credit repair? as mentioned above, may be offered to clients by referring out to an agency. If you are not helping your clients find this option you are loosing money every day. Not only do most credit repair agencies pay referral fees but they also refer back to you the client once credit is restored enough to get the loan completed. Find at least one company (preferably two or three) you can work with on this level. Loan modification? again, this one is mentioned above. Help your ?turndown? clients who need it the most before they loose their home completely. Refer them to a loan modification company that will negotiate new terms on their current loan with their current lender. Most of these companies will pay you handsomely for these referrals, which is income on potential clients you normally would not be able to help. Short Sales? With values in the toilet nationwide there have never been a higher number of Short Sales. If you do loans in any of the value stricken areas of the country or if you work any ARM databases you will certainly run into folks that are upside down in their home, to the extent that a Short Sale may be their only option. Go and find an aggressive, reputable Realtor focusing only on Short Sales. Help your client get out of their mess and build yourself a solid relationship with a Realtor at the same time. Debt Settlement? Some home owners are having the most issues with their revolving debt. In years past, we would roll it into the new mortgage during a refi and move on, but in today?s market, it?s near impossible to find borrowers with enough equity to do so. If Refinancing is not an option, try and settle the debt for pennies on the dollar for your client. Refer them to a legitimate debt settlement company; take your referral fee if one exists, and move on to helping your next client. After their debt has been settled, you will most likely have a happy client that may use you in the future or even refer you business. Bankruptcy Lawyer? Unfortunately, some people are to the point where they only have one option - and that is bankruptcy. Build relationships with lawyers that perform these Bankruptcies, they are an excellent source of income. They love referrals and don?t mind referring people back to you that may need your service. It?s always good to have a referral source to add to your menu. In my experience, through dealing with over 1200+ Loan officers every month, is that the successful ones have this network already built and is ?fine tuning? this network day in and day out. While you are working your ?day to day? marketing or advertising options, take your response and put them in the right hands for whatever service they may need. If you can?t help them refinance or meet their loan origination needs, help them and get paid in another way. Most loan officers strive to make 10k+ plus per month, this is still possible, even in this market, IF you diversify yourself and offer more to help your clients. From a consumers? perspective, if you have all the answers for me, I will remember you over the next guy - you can bank on that. People want full service, whether it is from the car wash or helping them obtain a mortgage, and the more you can offer a client the more money you?ll make. Raymond Bartreau is the President of Best Rate Referrals and a nationally recognized marketing consultant. For more marketing tips and techniques please visit Bartreau?s blog at www.loanofficerconsultant.com. You can also visit Bartreau?s homepage at www.bestratereferrals.com.


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