Ditech parent’s CEO to step down

by Ryan Smith05 Feb 2018
Walter Investment Management Corp. has announced that its CEO will be resigning.

Antony N. Renzi, who took the reins in September of 2016, will stay with the company and continue to serve as president and CEO until a permanent or interim successor is names, according to a news release from Walter.

The Ditech parent company has navigated rough seas of late, filing for bankruptcy last year and enduring several executive shakeups and a virtual revolving door of CEOs. In fact, Renzi’s departure marks the company’s fifth CEO exit in just over two years, according to a HousingWire report.

The company was reorganized and streamlined under Renzi’s leadership, focusing more strongly on its origination and servicing businesses and emphasizing technology and innovation.

“Under Tony’s leadership, Walter has transformed into a more focused and efficient company that is well-positioned to build on the strengths of its core business to drive future growth and success,” said George M. Awad, chairman of Walter’s board of directors. “With the upcoming completion of our court-supervised financial restructuring efforts, we believe that this is the right time to transition leadership and prepare for Walter’s next chapter.”

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