ClosingCorp looks to partnerships for further growth

by Francis Monfort01 Dec 2017
ClosingCorp is seeking out partnerships as it continues to grow following a change in management, Senior Vice President of Product and Operations Gerardo Caceres told Paydayloans247 in an interview at the annual convention of the Mortgage Banker’s Association.

The strategic push comes as the company closes out its first year under new management, during which it saw improvements in stability, processes, and operations.

“Our clients are really strongly telling us that that effort really yielded great results,” Caceres said. “Our ability to really serve the market has increased, and now we are entering into that second phase – now that we’ve seen the feedback, really look at what needs have not been met by clients that we have to explore.”

Caceres told Paydayloans247 that ClosingCorp has been in partnership talks and that the company expects to make announcements later in the year, and more in the first and second quarters of 2018.

Caceres also said that ClosingCorp continues to maximize its niche in the fees space, where it is able to address lender needs related to mortgage and origination costs. 

“There is (a) fairly significant amount of fees that a consumer will pay to consummate the loan that lenders don’t really have a good way of getting, and that’s where our service comes in,” Caceres said. “So in that space we’ve done exceedingly well: appraisal, title settlement, recording fees, transfer taxes.”

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