Calyx Software launches loan interview platform

by Francis Monfort26 Feb 2018

Calyx Software has announced the launch of a new loan interview platform introduced called Zip.

The mortgage software provider said that loan originators can deliver the platform to prospective borrowers through a branded URL. The platform also allows borrowers to initiate the loan application process online or via any mobile device. The Zip interview prompts borrowers with questions that apply to their unique situation and loan inquiry.

“With overall mortgage originations expected to decrease this year, it’s vital that brokers and lenders have technology in place to help them remain competitive and experience greater success,” Calyx Software Vice President of Business Development Bob Dougherty said. “Zip allows loan originators to understand an interested borrower’s needs, their communication preferences, and how far along the borrower is in the mortgage process. Zip levels the playing field with enterprise-level, online lenders—and does it for a fraction of the cost.”

Other features of the platform include same-day account setup and use, no initial or monthly software license, and monthly billing for actual usage. Also, Zip offers a Spanish option to allow borrowers to answer in their preferred language. The platform also features integration with Point and PointCentral software as well as the capability to send and receive documents for e-signature.

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