Beware of scammers claiming to be from major mortgage company

by Ryan Smith15 Aug 2017
A new mortgage modification scam is making the rounds, this one with scammers posing as representatives of Nationstar.

According to the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office, the scam is an attempt to steal money from struggling homeowners. The scammers are calling homeowners and claiming to be with Nationstar. They promise a loan modification and ask the homeowner to send money to an attorney in Florida. According to New Mexico AG Hector Balderas, the scammers have asked homeowners to wire amounts “upwards of $1,200, money they may never get back.”

According to Balderas, the calls come from Ymax or magicJack phone numbers. Ymax is a telecommunications company that makes magicJack, a device that allows people to operate a landline telephone through an internet connection. The calls can appear to come from any area code, Balderas’ office warned.

“Calls and offers like these are scams and New Mexico homeowners need to be vigilant, because once you wire that money you may never get it back,” Balderas said.

So far only New Mexico has reported the scam – but successful scams have a way of going nationwide.

However, unless the scammers are keeping up with financial news, they may soon give themselves away simply by calling themselves Nationstar representatives. The company is in the midst of a complete re-brand, and will change its name to Mr. Cooper sometime this month.

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