Finicity verification solution for Lender Price platform

by Steve Randall13 Jul 2018

The asset verification solution offered by Finicity will be integrated into the Lender Price Digital Lending platform.

Finicity has announced that it will be working with Lender Price creator Cre8tech Labs Inc. to further digitize its mortgage lending experience with a paperless and streamlined process to verify borrowers’ asset position.

“Consumers understandably want the most accurate information when making a life-altering purchase like a new house. Lenders want to meet those expectations while improving efficiency and profitability,” said Steve Smith, CEO and co-founder of Finicity. “We’re excited to work with Lender Price, another disruptor that is enhancing the mortgage lending experience for borrowers and lenders with a smart, digital solution.”

Finicity is an authorized, integrated provider of asset verification reports within Fannie Mae’s Desktop.

“At Lender Price, we highly value speed and accuracy within the mortgage lending process, which directly correlates with Finicity’s mission,” said Lender Price president, Dawar Alimi. “Together, we’re equipping lenders with the innovative tools they need to streamline mortgage originations.”

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