Caliber Home Loans launches apps for consumers, brokers, builders

by Steve Randall13 Mar 2018

Coppell, TX-based mortgage firm Caliber Home Loans has launched three new mobile apps as part of its new online platform.

The apps are focused on three key groups – borrowers; Caliber’s mortgage brokers and business partners; and real estate agents and builders.

All users receive real-time information and the ability to respond from virtually anywhere

"We customized each of these new mobile apps to provide user- friendly access to all touchpoints in the mortgage system,” explained Caliber CEO Sanjiv Das. “This greatly increases the efficiency of the process and will help us close loans even faster. And we're well-aware that today's consumers prefer to manage their finances via cell phone whenever possible.”

The three apps are:

  • Caliber Home Loans for borrowers helps customers connect during originations and manage their loans after closing.
  • CaliberH2O for sales and brokers enables the firm’s business networks to communicate and respond in real time.
  • Caliber MyPipeline for real estate agents and builders provides access to shared borrowers' loan pipelines, keeping them in the loop during underwriting.

The online technology is backed up by a network of around 1,500 Loan Consultants around the country.

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