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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
TN $300K Other Refinance 670 22% 1/26/2016
Details description Property is currently listed for its extensive LAND value for redevelopment. Looking to refinance at 15 yrs or until it sells. Need fast close. Limited DOCS or No Docs loan. Bala ...
WA $10K Single-Family Construction 650 5% 1/18/2016
Details description I'm looking for a short term 3 month loan of $10k to complete renovation on one house until another house I have for sale right now goes on contract.
AR $20M Commercial Purchase 3% 1/18/2016
Details description Attn: I am McCain Steven a Private lender (Investor). We offer funding at the rate of 3% interest rate- Interested person should contact us or text at 646-470-7854 Mr. McCain ...
CA $K Commercial Refinance 0 3% 12/30/2015
Details description I am a private lender and i offer all kinds of loan services. secured and unsecured loans to individuals and companies at a very low interest rate as little as 3%. We accept any du ...
NJ $9M Commercial Purchase 700 75% 12/16/2015
Details description My borrower/buyer client is purchasing a retail shopping center with good to excellent NOI. Seller has a $14MM note with excellent terms BUT a high pre-payment penalty. Seller and ...
CA $100K Investment Property (Residential) Purchase 66% 4/13/2015
Details description Our offer has been accepted for a 10.5 acre property with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house on the property. Our loan has been approved, however, they are dragging their feet in getting i ...
TN $170K Single-Family Purchase 0% 4/10/2015
Details description I am in last year of chapter 13. My va loan says I can purchase a home while in bankruptcy. I am looking to purchase my first home.
CO $800K Residential Refinance 75% 4/1/2015
Details description Hello I own 3 properties in Co outright. 1 my own residence and 2 investment properties currently rented out. I would like to free up as much capital as possible but am new to t ...
CT $500K Renovation Construction 70% 4/1/2015
Details description 6-8 weeks away from my CO on my gut renovation in Greenwich Ct Looking for approximately 500k to finish. Will be my primary residence. Thank you
KS $56K Investment Property (Residential) Purchase 90% 3/16/2015
Details description Looking for an alt doc- bank statement deal. or stated income. 700 credit score. self employed borrower
TX $25K Other Purchase 9% 3/5/2015
Details description I live in this area were land values are increasing. I want to buy some at a low price. Then sell part of it to recoup what I spent and give you some money too. I live in Planters ...
NY $4M Single-Family Purchase 750 65% 3/5/2015
Details description Looking finance approximately 3.5 to 4 mill, on a 6 mill owner occupied purchase, of townhouse in NYC. Well qualified borrower. ARM product preferred.
CT $4M 2-4 Family Refinance 780 65% 2/19/2015
Details description 4 upscale condos in Greenwich Ct rented to executives with positive cash flow. Seeking take out some cash through refinancing underlying mortgages on each condo, to complete cosm ...
NY $1M Manufactured Purchase 3% 2/16/2015
Details description Attn: I am McCain Steven a Private lender (Investor). We offer funding at the rate of 3% interest rate- Interested person should contact us or call 646-470-7854 Mr. McCain, S ...
MI $100K Single-Family Refinance 673 70% 2/10/2015
Details description Need a HELOC or closed second behind Reverse Mortgage. Property is on Lake Michigan, just appraised at $1.4M with a max $625,500 HECM first mortgage claim amount. Needing $100,000 ...
UT $50K Commercial Construction 700 50% 2/9/2015
Details description Existing commercial building that needs a new roof and misc. upgrades. There is no underlying debt. Contact info: Richard The Mortgage Connection, Inc 866-362-2004
KS $172K Residential Refinance 60% 1/27/2015
Details description 3 SFR plus one personal OO residence. Need $172,000 to refinance all. $295k total resale market value, $250,340 current county appraisal. Ideas welcome. All are located in Wichita, ...
FL $325K Commercial Refinance 65% 1/16/2015
Details description Hello, please see below I have a client with a 734 mid score looking for a stated/no doc commercial loan. Please see below and advise. For more information, please contact me at 30 ...
FL $2M Commercial Refinance 60% 1/13/2015
Details description This loan is a true asset base loan and the property is own by a Church. my Church client is looking for a private commercial loan for the amount of 1.8 M. The property is loca ...
FL $244K Investment Property (Residential) Purchase 70% 1/5/2015
Details description 10605 Drayton Ct. Tampa, FL 33626 Acquisition Price: $204,756 Rehab Estimate: $10,000 (inspection done & itemized total is $9,300; includes flooring, carpet ...


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