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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
IL $175K Single-Family Refinance 748 65% 11/7/2013
Details description I have a divorced woman who is required to refinance her mortgage to take her ex-husband off the obligation. They were divorced in 2011. She is a part-time fitness class instruct ...
NC $550K Single-Family Construction 805 65% 11/7/2013
Details description construction funds needed
MI $2M Other Refinance 780 50% 11/7/2013
Details description I have a Realtor Client who owns over 50 homes, Commercial businesses and other investments. He wants a line of credit to Purchase Distressed homes. Have a contracting crew fix the ...
IL $100K Single-Family Purchase 75% 10/22/2013
Details description Looking for local small investor investment capital resources-Illinois Chicagoland area. Realtor with developing Investor base and contractor affiliations. Please email your curr ...
VA $116K Single-Family Refinance 660 70% 10/15/2013
Details description single family 7 bedroom, 4 bathroom, need to payoff private lender, house vacant.
MA $800K Single-Family Purchase 740 80% 10/11/2013
Details description MA mortgage broker looking for a lender with great pricing on Jumbo loans. Prefer bank or credit union wholesale relationship.
FL $490K Single-Family Refinance 790 70% 10/9/2013
Details description Investment property under corporate name - needs to be fast closing, have appraisal ready to go.
CA $300K Single-Family Refinance 830 45% 10/3/2013
Details description DTI 23%. Property is 6 acres with SFR and income producing green house. Thanks,
MA $800K Single-Family Purchase 740 80% 10/3/2013
Details description Looking for a lender with low 5/1 ARMs
NY $860K Single-Family Refinance 704 60% 10/3/2013
Details description I need an institution that would allow me to use a non occupant co borrower. Or an institution that I can do a stated loan based off of 15% ownership.
CO $243K Single-Family Refinance 700 70% 10/3/2013
Details description 2 dwellings on one property- one is an artists studio comparable to a 3 bedroom home. 2 meters for utilities.
CO $243K Other Refinance 700 70% 10/3/2013
Details description Borrowers are self employed artists. Good credit, property is small home with a large 3 bedroom "studio" with kitchen and shower on the same property. Property has 2 meters for ele ...
CA $100K 2-4 Family Refinance 703 15% 10/3/2013
Details description Non-owner duplex, cash out. 5 years out of foreclosure on a vacant lot.
MO $1M Multifamily Refinance 620 70% 9/19/2013
Details description Own 2 buildings 1 21-unit and 1 27-unit. Looking to refinance.
AZ $400K Multifamily Refinance 691 50% 9/18/2013
Details description I own several properties that consists of: SFR, 3-PLEX, 4-PLEX total of 18 units. I would like to refinance the "Private Lender" loans of approximately $400, 000. The current v ...
FL $110K Single-Family Refinance 719 60% 9/17/2013
Details description One of my Bank of America sources referred me to a homeowner seeking rate reduction refinance of their mortgage. The borrower is self-employed (real estate), has very good credi ...
CT $300K Single-Family Purchase 640 97% 9/13/2013
Details description now 1 year after bk...had litigation issues for nearly 5 years when lawyers said to file ..w2 earner....no mortg lates for over 4 years during litigation period becuz hse paid off ...
AZ $52K Single-Family Purchase 720 80% 8/28/2013
Details description Purchase loan for 1993 manufactured 24'X56" home on it's own residential lot. The property will be used a rental with lease agreement already sign by tenant. Capital Lenders Daniel ...
TX $600K Single-Family Purchase 690 90% 8/21/2013
Details description Building a SFD in very stable market. Gross income at $500k. Good DTI ratio. FICO glitch due to divorce - some consumer credit balances and one late payment.
CA $900K Single-Family Purchase 670 80% 8/21/2013
Details description I did a short sale on my primary on my primary two months ago. I want to purchase again.


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