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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
MI $440K Multi-family Purchase 67% 2/27/2014
Details description My client is purchasing a 28 unit apartment building built in 1997 that is located near Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. If you are afraid of De ...
MI $140K Residential Purchase 50% 2/26/2014
Details description needs Hard money for o/o home. LTV 50
CA $187K Single Family Refinance 60% 2/24/2014
Details description Looking for hard money lender for property currently in default due to balloon loan maturing.
CA $187K Single Family Refinance 60% 2/24/2014
Details description Need a loan for loan currently in default due to balloon payment maturing.
TX $200K All sorts Purchase 10% 2/23/2014
Details description THANK YOU.. NEED TO NET $200,000 ON PROJECT
WA $270K Residential Purchase 90% 2/23/2014
Details description Hello. How soon after a foreclosure can a client get a new mortgage to buy a home? I would like to know the answer based on a 95% ltv AND a 90% ltv. Thank you. Ben ...
VA $850K Churches Purchase 85% 2/23/2014
Details description Property appraised for $1,100,000. Applicant requesting 85% LTV.
NY $3M Churches Refinance 85% 2/23/2014
Details description Applicant Rehoboth Open Bible Church, Inc. Loan Amt. $3,000,000 Purpose. (1)To retire existing mortgage of $1,195,000 . (2) Refurbish existing 18,000 sq. ft. Building to house ...
CO $300K Residential Refinance 60% 2/23/2014
Details description $170k to payoff existing lien, $30K to payoff consumer debt, $70K to buyout business partner, $30K to complete construction of main home & get CO. Then I will take out your loan w ...
OK $6M Office Refinance 50% 2/23/2014
Details description loan from hard money lender is meant for acquisition of office,installations,refinancing, salaries of workers and transactions expenditures.
OH $108K Single Family Purchase 70% 2/17/2014
Details description Looking to finance $110,000.00 on a purchase of $156,000.00 on a foreclosure. Values in area range from $250,000 and up. Similar home listed on same street for $299,900.00. Home ne ...
CT $625K Residential Refinance 52% 2/17/2014
Details description my client is in foreclosure of his $1.2mm single family residence located in Fairfield County CT. Need $625k to satisfy existing mortgage and arrears/admin/legal costs. Client is g ...
PA $140K Residential Construction 65% 2/17/2014
Details description I would like to know the terms of your loan. I am experienced real estate investor who owns several buy/hold properties and also finds, rehabs, and resells properties. I would like ...
SC $575K Commercial Refinance 68% 2/10/2014
Details description Office building owner occupied. We occupy 66% tenant occupies 33%. 5000 square foot building In the heart of the BMW corridor. Had a balloon mature that was paid perfectly. Perfe ...
AZ $672K 2-4 Family Refinance 681 69% 2/7/2014
Details description Seeking $672K in new Loan 9 (Nine) Investor owned properties consisting of 3-Plexes, 4-plex, SFR, TownHouses, condos, valued at about $900k to 1 Million Dollars; Refinance ex ...
CA $7M Development Refinance 50% 2/5/2014
Details description My clients purchased this unfinished construction project, a master plan adult living, last year all cash for $13 mil. Need short term financing $7mil. There is a a let ...
MO $370K Multifamily Purchase 741 80% 2/4/2014
Details description Apartment 65% rent generate $6,750 per month. I will upgrade over the next 8 months about $82k. A loan with upgrades is $452,000. We want to refinance, payoff over a 25 yr term.
FL $75K Residential Purchase 80% 2/2/2014
Details description I am looking for money to purchase some properties in the $80,000 range in FL and may need a little extra cash to fix them up, then rent them out. I can put 10% down on each of th ...
CA $4M Hotel / Motel / Mobile Purchase 100% 2/2/2014
Details description Looking to purchase a couple of hotel chains and in need of financing. Robert
MD $25K Investment Property (Residential) Refinance 70% 2/2/2014
Details description Have a house paid for-need a non recourse loan as my business/self directed IRA owns this-needs to be updated about $25k total-value $40k after repairs...I know the loan amount is ...


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