The Mortgage Action Alliance and the need for unity in the industry

by Paydayloans24719 Nov 2015
Last week on the Lykken on Lending Internet radio show I host, my colleague Alice Alvey discussed an issue that is going on right now in the regulatory aspect of the industry. Recently, there was a proposed rule for the FHA application regarding the lender level certification changes. There are some important points about specific language within the rule about reporting requirements. Although the comment period is now over for this particular rule, it does highlight the importance for those of us in the industry to come together on the issues.

If you aren't involved in the Mortgage Action Alliance, you need to be. Being part of the group gives us all a voice among legislators. Like many other industries, we in the mortgage industry are competitive. We often focus on the points of difference with others in the industry, and we take sides against one another. If there is one thing that all of the regulation in recent years has made clear, it's that there is much that all of us have to lose and, therefore, a sense in which we're all in this together.

As the economy improves, we can quickly become complacent. Don't get me wrong, I would be thrilled if we all started to experience some of the same success that we did before the financial crisis. However, we always need to stay vigilant because we never know when the rug might be pulled out from under us. And the best way to stand is to stand together. Unity is our friend, and we need to take advantage of it every moment we get.


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