Not just millennials: We’re all going digital

by 22 Sep 2016

There is a lot of talk in the business world about how to reach millennials. Everyone with something to sell seems to be interested in how to appeal to this new generation – with their new values, new technologies, and new ways of communicating. On the September 19 episode of my Lykken on Lending podcast, though, I realized something. It's not just about millennials.

We were having a conversation with D+H VP of Sales Dan Putney, and he pointed out to me that it isn't only millennials that are going digital – I'm going digital too! In that moment, I realized that all of these developments aren't necessary confined to the millennial generation. The revolution is technological as much as it is generational.

All of us are embracing technology. Older generations now get their news from iPads and communicate with their friends on Facebook. The revolution in technology may have started during the time period in which millennials grew up, but everyone, it seems, is buying into it.

This insight is important, because it changes the way we think about how we market our products. As leaders in the mortgage industry, we don't just want to try to appeal to millennials with mobile applications and digital processes. If we do, we'll miss out on other age groups that are using the same technology. Maybe people are using mobile technology, not because they're younger, but rather because it's easier. What do you see your customers using? Is technology a generational thing in your customer base, or is everyone buying into it?


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