Making sense: Appealing to logic-oriented employees

by David Lykken20 Apr 2017
As a leader in the mortgage industry, we have to appeal to a number of different personality styles when dealing with employees. Our people are all different, and we have to pay close attention to how we communicate with each of them. Some employees are more emotion-oriented; they are motivated by having fun, doing good work, and feeling appreciated. Others, however, are more logic-oriented; they just want to do what makes the most sense.

In my experience, leaders have a much easier time relating to employees who are more emotionally engaged. It can seem like they are easier to inspire and get excited about the work. They are more likely to participate in social events, the can be more conversational, and they can seem like they're more in tune with the organization's mission. Appealing to such employees is great, but we must be careful not to forget our people who are more intellectual and logical in their thought process. Oftentimes, they can be some of our best problem solvers and most efficient workers—bringing in both revenue and profits with their creative solutions.

So, what do logic-oriented employees want? They just want what makes sense! When communicating with these employees, it's no use to talk about things of a “touchy-feely” nature. Instead, talk to them about why you're doing what you're doing. Explain the process to them. Explain the strategy to them. Talk numbers with them. And don't just talk—listen to their ideas! Because of the way they think, they may have an even better idea about how to get things done.

In a strong organization, there is a place for emotionally and logically oriented people; as the leader, you've just got to know how to appeal to both.


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