How do you mend a relationship ruined by a previous loan officer?

by Paydayloans24728 Jul 2015
I work from inside a real estate office under a joint marketing agreement with the real estate company. I was just assigned to the office recently, but the agents don't seem to be open to working with me because of the poor job the previous loan officer did in that office. How can I change things around quickly because I don't much time financially?
--Rebecca from Wisconsin

This is a common question I get and it reminds me of my first job in the industry. As a rookie, I was thrown into a real estate office that had a really bad taste in their mouth from the previous loan officer(s) serving that office. Here is where I would start. First, concerning your statement that you don't have much time financially, you need not to abandon your present previous business sources. On the contrary, these sources will help you with your new office (more on that point in follow-up segments). However, you must become more efficient in targeting outside the office. That means dealing less with time wasters and having an efficient database marketing system.

Secondly, you must perform what I call a "blitzkrieg" on the office. That is an intense marketing and service campaign. Remember that the first impression they get about you lasts forever. That means you must live in the office for the first few months. That is also why you must be efficient on the outside – using the phone, email and database marketing. Meet with clients inside the real estate office – not in their office. Attend every sales meeting delivering value. Have "lunch and learns" on a regular basis as well. You can bring in speakers such as an appraiser and underwriter. Develop an introductory package that emphasizes your reputation. I will give some additional thoughts on this topic next week.
-- Dave Hershman

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