Class Appraisal Taps Mercury Network, Launches Revolutionary Appraisal Quality System

by Robert Pegg08 Jan 2013

Naples, FL — Class Appraisal and a la mode announced today the launch of a customized MercuryDirect plugin that further enhances Class Appraisal’s connection to a la mode’s Mercury Network to reduce appraisal turn times and ensure the highest appraisal quality for Class’ lender clients.

Class Appraisal’s new MercuryDirect plugin will leverage Mercury Network’s direct connection to the desktop of the nation’s appraisers to streamline compliant appraisal ordering and delivery, automate order status updates, and to run Class’ customized review rules on reports pre-delivery.  The comprehensive appraisal review takes place on the appraiser’s desktop, before the appraiser ever delivers the report to Class for the first time.  Thousands of proprietary rules, based on Class expertise, applied business rules, investor requirements, current compliance guidelines, and more, provide the most effective quality screen and also cut down on the rework rate which in turn speeds up final delivery of a higher quality report to Class clients. 

“This innovative plugin with Mercury Network, combined with our 91-hours-a-week accessibility for client support,  translates to the industry’s best appraisal management experience”, said Mark Backonen, CEO of Class Appraisals.  “In 2013, we will be launching even more tools based on our extensive experience that provide our clients the industry’s best workflow tools for underwriters.”

 “With this plugin, Class Appraisal has gone the extra mile in providing the highest quality appraisals in the fastest time to their clients”, noted Jennifer Miller, president of a la mode’s Mortgage Solutions Division.  “The plugin gives Class distinct advantages, both in streamlining their own operations, and in providing the highest quality collateral value review and due diligence documentation for their clients.”


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